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About Book---Bull's Eye Your Dream Job

There is no 'magic key' which can unlock the doors of your dream job. To start with there has to be a commitment not to give any mediocre interviews.

The purpose of this book is very direct and simple one. This is simply a practical, personal-improvement manual guiding you through the tactics and strategies of winning the job you really deserve. Believe it or not, we spend most of the time of our lives at work. All desire those hours to be CHALLENGING, HAPPY & REWARDING . It's high-time you understand the importance of having the job you want & deserve, as having it will not only make you feel good, but imbibe you with a sense of fulfilment and positive mental attitude, acting as a catalyst for further success in life. So, gain the kind of understanding and confidence that comes from only mastering the techniques in this book & take advantage of interview opportunities around you.

I thoroughly and enthusastically believe in certain demonstrated and effective principles in this book which when practised, produce a desired result. We may or may not meet in person, but in this book we have met. We are spiritual friends. I sincerely pray for you to get you desired success.

1. Identifying your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses.
2. Linking your strengths to your desired dream job.
3. Understanding the importance of curriculum vitae.
4. Preparing for the final interview.
5. Importance of Body Language.
6. Understand your prospective employer, theier needs & objectives.
7. Understanding the complexities of the last interview cycle.
8. Negotiating the salary you deserve.
9. Last but not the least, understanding the psychological view to Interviews.

You are what your resume reveals. Treat your resume as a balance sheet of a company. It can afford to conceal everything, but cannot miss revealing unique-selling propositions i.e. your strengths.
[Whatever it reveals are allmost important things].
Your commitment to excellence, regardless to your area of expertise is directly proportional to the quality of your resume. Your resume acts as your self-advertisement and you cannot afford to play havoc with it.
There are no bad candidates, only bad goals, bad resumes & bad interviews.
When you correspond to prospective employers and they are the people you have never met, they will make number of key decisions solely based on the resume. These decisions include:
A. Educational level
B. Economic level
C. Level of Sophistication
D. Level of Success
E. Skills and Competencies
F. Accomplishments
G. Any Value - Additions
H. Attitudes
I. Level of Judgement

So, turn your resume into a weapon which can compete, conquer, and persuade in a tight job-race.

1. Job-Objective
2. Personal Information
3. Academic Qualifications
4. Professional Qualifications
5. Employment History
6. Key Result Areas
7. Specific Achievements
8. Training Workshops Attended
9. Professional Membership, if any
10. Leisure Activities

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